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True Colours

True Colours Super Starter Pack

True Colours Super Starter Pack

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True Colours Super Starter Pack

Introduce your furry friend to a delightful variety of flavorus with our True Colours Super Starter Pack! This exclusive bundle offers three delicious and nutritious kibble options, ensuring your dog enjoys mealtime like never before.

Save $51.92 when you purchase this pack, which includes:

  • 1x 3kg Lamb Kibble
    Rich in high-quality protein, our lamb kibble is perfect for promoting lean muscle mass and overall vitality. It's a taste sensation that your dog will love.
  • 1x 3kg Chicken Kibble
    A classic favourite, our chicken kibble is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. It's crafted to support a healthy immune system and strong bones.
  • 1x 3kg Fish Kibble
    Dive into the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids with our fish kibble. This recipe is designed to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin while offering a delectable flavour.

Each bag is made with premium ingredients, ensuring your dog receives the best in every bite. True Colours Super Starter Pack is the perfect choice for the fussiest of eaters.

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Always ensure your best friend has access to clean fresh water at all times.

Transitioning your dog to a new food is easy. Simply start by mixing 25% of Man’s Best with your dog’s old food and gradually increase over 7 days.

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